Eaco Aldeas : Africa


Welcome to Ecovillageafrica, where we are devoted to community development through meaningful travel. Come join us in making the world a better place by helping rural communities in Africa.

Ecovillageafrica was set-up to address pressing community needs in development while providing a quality travel experience for meaningful travellers from all over the world. We seek to provide you with a flexible, cheap and safe way to see the world while achieving meaning from your travel. We aim to help you to truly see and experience the cultural richness and diversity of the people in the destinations that you do visit. It was founded by a team of rural doctors and community development workers working in the horn of Africa and in Coastal Kenya, frustrated by the acute lack of basic needs in the communities they worked in.Since our inception, we have been a dependable partner to our target rural communities in countries all over Africa through resource mobilization, capacity building and community organization. Ecovillageafrica is very committed to providing a safe, timely, consistent, friendly and productive quality experience in meaningful travel.
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Ecocamping in one of our tented camps at the Coast of Kenya provides a vast array of experiences that all program participants get to enjoy.

Ecovillageafrica has well structured, mentored and tailor-made programs to cater for a wide variety of interests. Eco Village Africa is a keen advocate of sustainable development and all participant programs have 20% of the scheduled time allocated to activities like marine conservation, dolphin sighting and monitoring, elephant conservation programs, tree planting, forest conservation, mangrove planting, beach-cleanups and patrols.




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